Ed Walker, Sculptor, Wilmington NC firefighter by Ed Walker

I grew up in the city but my heart has always been in the country. I love nature with all its patterns, shapes, textures and motion. My curious and exploratory nature led me to pursue a career in art. In the years since, I have never lost the intrigue of daily exploration and discovery.  My work is a reflection of the shapes, movement and texture found in the natural and manmade environment. The balance and tension that I observe are the consistent subjects of my sculpture. Natural floral arrangements such as log jams on a river bank, erosion of a rock face, scarred trees with overgrown knots or cracks, or the patterns on water rippling in the wind fill my head with ideas.

Working with a variety of media in both abstraction and realism, I try to capture the unique moment in time that will reveal the passion and magic of the world around me.